Bamboo Sleep Set
Bamboo Sleep Set
Bamboo Sleep Set
Bamboo Sleep Set

Bamboo Sleep Set

- Regulates temperature and is extremely breathable:  Bamboo fabric has micro-gaps, which aid in ventilation, meaning they trap cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter to regulate your body temperature, a key feature in women’s sleepwear. 

- Luxuriously soft:  Bamboo fabric is super soft and feels like a combination between silk and cotton. Bamboo fabric is often compared to the softness and luxurious feeling of cashmere.

- Anti-odour: Bamboo clothing naturally has anti-bacterial properties to fight odour. 

- Non-irritating fabrics: The naturally smooth fibers of bamboo fabric lie flat against the skin, limiting skin irritation and sensitivity. Making it a convenient solution to sensitive and easily irritated skin.

- Toxin Free: Bamboo grows rapidly, needs very little water, fertilizer, or pesticides, and sequesters a large amount of carbon dioxide, absorbing five times more carbon dioxide and 35% more oxygen than similar plants. 


- Comes as a set: top and bottoms.

- Pockets on both sides for the bottoms and one small pocket on the back. 

- Button up long sleeve. 


- 95% Premium Viscose from Bamboo 

- 5% Spandex

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Custom Embroidery 

- To have your garment customized please follow the instructions:

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2. Add a "Custom Embroidery" fee to your cart. This is found in the “Classic Collection” section. Embroidery is $25.00.

3. At the checkout in the notes section, please specify what you would like embroidered. 

P.S. There is a 10 letter Maximum. Embroidery takes 4-5 business days. 

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The BEST pyjamas I’ve ever owned!!!

I bought these pyjamas because I’ve heard amazing things about bamboo material and I needed to give it a try!! These were a great price for the quality and I am so happy I decided to get them. They are so soft and light weight… makes for an amazing, comfortable sleep! I am in love. I am going to buy all the other bamboo products offered from Spiral!! Love them ❤️❤️❤️❤️